Frequently asked wedding questions
~ the perfect starting point ~

Q What time can my ceremony be at?
A We will only host one wedding ceremony
 per day, & we will work around you & whatever
 time suits you best. We would however
 recommend your ceremony time be
 between 1pm-2pm.

Q What is your maximum number of people for
A We can accommodate up to 80 for dining
 & 100 for your evening reception.

Q How many people can I have at a table?
A You can have anything between 6 & 11 at
 a table. We have different table sizes in order
 to accommodate different numbers,
 however, we find tables of 8-10 work best.

Q How much deposit is required to book my
A To secure your date, we would require a
 deposit of £500. Thereafter, an interim
 payment of £1500, which must be paid 9
 months in advance. The remaining balance is
 due to be paid in full 4 weeks before the
 wedding ceremony.

Q Can I provisionally hold a date?
A Yes, we can provisionally hold a date for
 2 weeks for you without a deposit.

Q Can I bring in my own wine for tables?
A No, unfortunately we do not offer a corkage
 option within the hotel. We do however have
 excellent wines on offer at competitive prices.
You would be welcome to discuss any
 options with us.

Q Can I have alcohol as my favours?
A Yes, many people like to have alcohol spirit
 miniatures as favours, & would be welcome
 to do this. We don’t however allow the mini
 bottles of wine or prosecco.

Q Will someone dress my room for me
 on the day?
A Yes of course, we love to dress our function
 suite & make it special for our wedding couples.
 We also realise that it’s one less thing for you to
 worry about. We’ll meet you on the day before
 & go over your setup requirements. You can rest
 easy knowing that the room will be set up
 beautifully, leaving you stress free & able to
 relax & enjoy your big day with us.

Q Where can we have our Photos taken?
A We have our stunning, recently refurbished
 honeymoon suite, known as the Semple Suite,
 an area outside with a beautiful Scottish
 landscape backdrop, our wooden marquee,
 the hotel entrance & by our warm open
 fire place too.

Q Will there be another wedding taking place
 in the hotel on my day?
A Absolutely not! We know your day is special
 to you & your guests & as a result, we take
 great pride in offering an exclusive experience
 for our wedding couples. Only one wedding
 takes place in our hotel per day. Your day will
 be completely your own & the care & attention
 given to you & your guests will not be shared
 with another couple.

Q What if my numbers change after I book?
A We know it can be difficult to confirm the
 numbers of people attending your big day but
 it helps to confirm estimated numbers when
 you book. We know numbers can change &
 you are allowed a drop of 10% subject to
 minimum numbers. These numbers can also
 increase up to a maximum capacity of 80.

Q Can I add things into my package after I book?
A Yes of course. We know that planning a
 wedding takes a lot of time & thought. You’ll be
 adding lots of ideas & gaining inspiration as
 you go along. Our friendly wedding
 co-ordinator is always on hand throughout your
 whole planning process to help you as well as
 being able to provide you with any advice on
 items you may wish to add for your big day.
 This might include an LED dance floor or
 backdrop for example.

Q Do I need to ask my guests for a pre-order?
A No. Just like being at a restaurant or any other
 function, our excellent staff will attend each
 table & take your guests’ orders on the day.

Q If I were to take a pre-order would this
 bring my price down?
A No. In theory, this is a great idea, however in
 practice we find that people either forget what
 they have ordered or they change their minds
 on the day. Taking people’s food orders can also
 give you a lot more work when you’ve already
got lots to think about & organise. We like to
 make everything as easy & as stress free as we
 can for you. Let our staff take the strain for you.

Q Do my room rates include breakfast for
 my guests?
A Yes, as part of the experience we offer, all
 our wedding room rates are inclusive of a
 full Scottish breakfast for your guests.

Q Will those staying at The Bowfield Hotel
 have access to your leisure facilities?
A Those that stay at our Hotel have full access
 to our Gym, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi,
 Steam Room & Soft Play. Please note that we
have adult only swim times. Check out is by
 11am & you are more than welcome to
 continue using our facilities even once
 you’ve checked out.

Q My ceremony is at 2pm & check in is 3pm,
 how will this work for my guests?
A We advise guests to arrive at the hotel
 dressed for the ceremony, just like they would
 if they were going to a church. If their room
 happens to be ready, we will check them in.
 If their room is not ready, we will store their
 luggage & transfer their bags to their rooms
 once their rooms are ready.

Q Are children allowed to stay until the end
 of my wedding at night time?
A Yes. We know weddings are often a family
 occasion & children can play a large part of
 that too. We apply for a children’s license for
 every function that takes place in our hotel.
 As your wedding is a private function, there is
 no need for children to leave early. They can
 stay on & enjoy the party.

Q Are children attending our Wedding Day
 able to use your Soft Play area?
A Yes. We appreciate that a Wedding can be a
 long day for children, which is why any of your
 little ones are able to have access to our
 Soft Play area to keep them entertained. All
 that we ask is for them to be supervised. If you
 require a member of our team to supervise
 your children, this too is an option at £20phr.

Q Am I allowed to bring in external caterers to
 do the food for my event?
A No. We do not allow external caterers to
 supply any of the food. We have an excellent
 team of experienced chefs & lots of options
 available. We will work with you to create any
 dishes or menus you would love at your event,
 as well as any specific dietary requirements
 you may have.

Q Is there a payment plan option available?
A Yes. We know that by the time you add in
 everything from the dress, photographer, band,
 flowers & cars, you could be facing quite a large
 bill hangover by the time you get to the end
 of your big day. To make it easier for you to
 plan your finances, we have a variety of options
 available to take away a bit of this worry.

We have facilities to enable you to pay towards your wedding at any time. You can pop into the hotel or call us on 01505 705225 to make regular payments. We aim to make everything as easy as we can for you.

Q Can you help with Florist, cake, cars etc?
A Of course. Our wedding co-ordinator is on
 hand to help you with anything you need.
 She can make suggestions & give you a list
 of recommended suppliers for anything
 you might need for your day.

Q What size are the candelabras?
A We love our table decorations. Our candelabras
 are 60cm in height. They are silver 5 arm
 candelabras & come complete with
 candelabras to dress your tables elegantly.

Q Can I change my package after I confirm
 my date?
A It’s best to think carefully before you book,
 because you can upgrade your package at any
 time but you cannot downgrade. If you do
 decide to downgrade your package you
 must forfeit your deposit & rebook onto
 another package.