We’re more than just a hotel

We help you create special memories

We got a lovely reminder of this when Sarah Lyall and Chris McGilchrist came to visit us – and also booked their wedding.

Sarah’s family were members of the Bowfield and it’s where Sarah’s dad took her swimming when she was a child.

The family held many events at our venue. There were children’s parties, and when Sarah left school, she had her school prom ball at the Bowfield. Sarah’s gran also celebrated her 70th birthday with us, and many a family meal was enjoyed at our venue.

When the family came to visit us, they were impressed by all the changes we have made during our refurbishment. They loved sitting by the fire and reminiscing about all the good times they spent with us.

We’ll be creating the next memory for Sarah and her family, when she marries Chris in October 2021.

Congratulations to Sarah and Chris on booking your wedding, we’re already looking forward to being part of your big day!